• Wet wash

Hand wash , followed by hand drying the entire vehicle

  • Dry Wash

Eco-Friendly alternative of a soap and water wash by hand wiping the exterior to remove bugs, dirt, grease, oil, etc that leaves a protective coat. All while no compromising any coating or sealant on Vehicle.

  • Wax

Vehicle is waxed to give it an additional protective layer using high-quality carnauba based paste wax. This added protection provides a long lasting shine up to 6 months.

  • Sealant 

Durable paint sealant, developed for the aerospace industry-repeling harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bugs and bird residues, and road grime. Leaving a brilliant high gloss, glassy shine, while preserving a smooth finish. Outlasts a normal wax by up to 12 months.

  • Machine Buffing & Polishing

​A process that revitalizes old, dull, or oxidized paint. All the painted surfaces of the vehicle are machine buffed with a non-abrasive polish to remove embedded dirt/soot, oxidation, light swirls/scratches restoring the vehicle back to showroom condition. [Recommended that a sealant or ceramic coating is applied after to give long lasting protection]​​

  • Ceramic Coating 

A semi-permanent coating that actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle's paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a or sealant. The coating creates a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and UV sunlight. Innovative UV protection technology helps reject harmful solar rays and protect paintwork against fading and discoloration. ​​

  • Touch Up Paint

Information coming soon

  • Headlight Restoration

A process that removes oxidation, corrosion and general haziness from headlight lenses. Followed by a protective coating to ensure protection against the elements..



  • Full Interior Detail

Remove trash, Vacuum entire interior (cabin, trunk, under seats, and all compartments). Wipe down all surfaces and apply protectant. Shampoo seats and carpets, odor removal with OZONE machine, leather conditioner (If applicable), Clean interior windows.

  • Interior Detail Express

Service for well maintained vehicles. Starting with a vacuum of the; carpets, floor mats, seats, trunk space, and cracks and crevices. Interior surfaces are lightly cleaned and dusted. Leather and vinyl are conditioned (if applicable) and all other surface have a protectant applied. Clean interior windows.

  • Interior Ceramic Coating

A coating applied to protect interior surfaces such as fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl. Causing any spills and stains to clean up easily and quickly. 

  • Carpet Extraction

All of the carpet(s) are vacuumed, sanitized, cleaned, and shampooed with a heated carpet extractor.

  • Leather & Vinyl Cleaning / Restoration / Conditioning

Multi-Stage process to restore leather/vinyl back to original condition followed by conditioning all material for lasting protection [Charged per "seat"]

  • Leather Repair & Dye Services

Information coming soon

  • Seat Upholstery Repair

Information coming soon



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